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Alpha CBD - 30ml 600mg CBD (No Flavour)

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Alpha CBD's No Flavour is produced with one of the purest MCT oils in SA as a base. This is perfect if you dont like a taste when it comes to your CBD oil, then we highly recommend this one. Light coconut flavour, and all the health benefits that MCT oil adds to your day, makes this product the "go-to" when you want to add your CBD to your coffee, salads or smoothies.

The purest extract of Hemp derived CBD and premium grade MCT oil to get you on a healthier lifestyle. Ourhis tincture is the perfect addition to your daily routine. Drop it under your tongue, keep it there for 10 seconds, swivel for maximum absorbtion and then swallow. 

Alpha CBD oils contain a perfect balance of MCT oil and Hemp CBD to give you the best attributes of refined coconut oil and the health benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol).

  •  600mg of 99%+ Hemp CBD
  •  1mg = 20mg per day (Take half a ml twice a day)
  •  Can be used topically
  •  Specially formulated for Alpha CBD by industry leaders
  •  Promotes all-round wellness
  •  Relieves minor symptoms
  •  General health booster

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