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CBD101 - Back to Basics of CBD and Alpha CBD

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Level 1: Entry level information regarding what CBD is and what it isn't, what can do it for you, your family and what are some of the myths regarding CBD wellness and CBD healing.

Gain insight into Hemp, Marijuana, the basics of the extraction and manufacturing process,

The different tests products and the manufacturing facilities have to undergo before they should reach you.

What to ask for when you are buying CBD products.

Inside knowledge of what our clients say about Alpha CBD and how the products helped them over the last 3 years.

Improve your basic CBD knowledge and how to start selling LEGAL CBD products in South Africa.

Receive R 1 500.00 worth of training on basics of CBD, sales and Alpha CBD for 97% off the price, for only 99.00

When you decide you want to start reselling Alpha CBD, this is Step 1.