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Alpha Male Skin Fuel - Daily Cleanser

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Every man's morning should start the Alpha way. 

- Wake up
- Greet the person laying next to you, or the mirror
- Give mulitple............. kisses
- Get your morning Alpha CBD coffee
- Get in the shower
- Wash your money maker with your Alpha Skin Fuel Face Wash
- Dress up and show up
- Smash your goals for the day
After you have conquered your day:
- Take some time appreciating what you have
- Have a relaxing drink
- Go take a relaxing shower
- Wash your face
- Look in the mirror and tell yourself what a champion you are.
Don’t hold back. You are THE Alpha.
Directions for use: 1 Squirt will do the job. Lather your hands, wash your face and neck. Rinse off thoroughly. Avoid contact with your eyes.