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Alpha CBD and Collagen (Type 1 & 3) Powder

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Fountain of youth meets nature's Wellness

Collagen has become a household item in the last 5 years. Alpha CBD has produced one of the purest Collagen powders combined with a 99.68% Pure Hemp CBD to ensure balance while the Collagen keeps you young.

Collagen is one of the most important sources of protein, providing on of the best sources of nutrients when it comes to muscles and your cells.

Alpha CBD has ensured that you receive a full balanced serving to ensure the most sustainable results.

Collagen to improve your body's Collagen availability to aid with:

- Help prevent the ageing process
- Strengthens hair and nails
- Promotes a healthier immune system
- Helps repair joints, tendons and muscles
- Enhances the body's natural ability to repair and rejuvenate
- Supports lean muscle, athletic performance, strength and endurance
- Helps improve bone density and strength
- Facilitates detoxification of the liver


CBD has been proven to help improve:

- Quality of sleep
- Reduce anxiousness
- Speed up the recovery process
- Reduce pain and inflammation
- Balanced moods
- Reduce cravings
- Mental focus
- Calmness during the day
- Reduce brain fog
- General wellbeing


The all in one daily wellness supplement to ensure you look as young as you feel on the inside.


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