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Alpha CBD - 600mg of CBD oil and a 50ml CBD Pain Freeze

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Why Alpha’s Love It:

  • May relieve pain almost instantly
  • Zero THC
  • CBD may be an amazing natural Ani-inflammatory
  • 100% plant-based combo
  • Pain freeze may penetrate deep to combat pain and inflammation
  • Sore muscles, joint pains, back pains, wrist pains.
  • Non GMO
  • Vegan and Vegetarian friendly

This combo is set to make industry history, all natural pain relief both externally and internally, preventatively and may be an on the spot relief.

CBD focuses on the pain receptors within your body and has been proven to be a very powerful anti-inflammatory focussing on the internal ECS and may prevent pain and inflammation from the source.

Alpha CBD Pain Freeze may relieve pain almost immediately once you apply it on the affected area. The ingredients open up the pores so that the Menthol and the CBD can penetrate deep to relieve provide relief.

This is a perfect, market-leading combo that will form part of your daily routine if you suffer from almost any muscle, joint pain, muscle spasm, back pain, neck pain, wrist pain, knee pain and ankle pain. You get the general point here.

  • 30ml 600mg of 99%+ Pure Hemp Isolate CBD drops
  • 50ml 100mg CBD Pain Freeze
  • Drops Can be used topically, and the CBD Pain freeze to be used externally
  • Specially formulated for Alpha CBD by industry leaders
  • May relieves symptoms of a number of pains
  • Promotes all-round wellness
  • Relieves minor symptoms
  • General health booster

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