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About Us


I am the CEO and Founder of Alpha CBD and this is my story:

I would like to share my story and hopefully you understand why I invested 99% of my time over the last 6 years to provide you with the necessary ability to get as close to anxiety free days as humanly possible.

When I was 28 I never had a day of anxiety and I watched my mom and my sister have panic attacks and depression and in my mind I thought "just stop it". I did not understand what they went through, I did not read up about it because it had no relevance to me.

I remember to this day when I had my first anxiety attack. It felt like one of those movies where the crowd sees a man having a heart attack, I rushed to hospital thinking that this was it. I did every test to verify I was having a "heart attack". At some point the doctor appeared from behind those blue curtains, and I remember his words "Mr Steyn, have any of your family member anxiety problems?" This was the start a rocky next 3 years. 

By now you know where this story goes, like so many of you amazing humans anxiety ruled my day. It would would come in waves, with every wave it felt like it became worse and worse. You know how it starts, you can feel it brewing in your chest and then your mind takes over. I lost 4 years of my life due to anxiety, depression, the pain of deaths close to me. Things spiraled out of control, on top of that I had the wrong people around me. It became easy for me to settle for my conditions and blame my anxiety for a number of "lacks" in my life.

At this point was where the good people around me started making up excuses why they can't braai, or being busy. I remember one of my friends coming to me, he gave me bottle of this "CBD". I declined because anything related to Marijuana made my anxiety worse. After doing much research I decided to take as much as I can in the shortest period of time. Back then we were not limited by a Government rule of 20mg per day. Lets just say I took a bit more than that, and nothing happened. Besides me after 60 days looked back at the last 60 days and realising that where I had maybe 15 - 20 anxiety episodes to maybe 3 per week. What I failed to mention was that the week before this friend of mine gave me this miracle oil, I was scheduled to book into a private institute for people with depression. The doctors words were "See you Sunday, don't make any plans for the next 30 days". I decided not to go. I made the choice not to settle for what was coming my way the next 30 days.

After my 60 days on CBD oil, I started helping those close to me with their anxiety, depression, sleep and a couple of others. My Co-Founder called me and said lets take this national. 

We centered what we do on a daily basis around solving your daily interferences. This became my drive, my WHY, the reason I get up in the morning and the motivation to work 18 hour days. To ensure you get the best solution for your problem and not fcking over charging you because it is a trend. We have devoted ourselves to you, to ensuring you LIVE THE ALPHA LIFESTYLE. Recently we have taken this 10 steps further, big things to come in the next couple of weeks.

By sharing your story you can help someone who is going through the same thing, we are unique but our problems are not. And if someone has overcome it before guess what, SO CAN YOU.

I will help you with the right tools, from CBD to NLP to coaching you to use what you have at your disposal to slay your own dragons. 

As cheesy as this sounds, we at Alpha will be the Yoda to your Luke Skywalker.