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About Us


There is no better ambassador than the CEO of the company. This is his story:

Our founder and CEO, Bruce Steyn sruggled with anxiety, sleeplessness, stress and borderline depression to a point where he would have to exit meetings to take CBD oil that he imported (which cost an arm, a leg and half a thigh), take a 20min breather and then go back. 

"As humans we tend to settle, I got use to settling with anxiety as it became part of my day. I was fine with 3 hours sleep, because I didnt know of any better and I really did not want to drink pills. I reached a point where I had enough, my backpain was killing me, little to no sleep, anxiety and depression. A friend gave me CBD he had with him from the USA and the rest is history. Alpha was born and we have been changing lives ever since. I have surrounded myself with industry innovators and disruptors to bring you the range of products that we currently have and we will continue to launch products into the different industries. Alpha is a lifestyle, not just a brand"


Alpha CBD includes high-grade MCT Oil together with imported Hemp CBD from USA, producing some industry first and taking the industry by storm.

Our high-quality CBD oil

Alpha CBD has made CBD oil accessible to all South Africans. Our ingredients are 100% organically grown in the US and SA ensuring that you receive the highest quality product. All our oils are:

  • Manufactured in GMP and ISO approved facilities in Gauteng, and
  • Third-party tested by two industry-leading laboratories to ensure the highest quality CBD products in SA.

Before being shipped to our SA offices, each CBD batch is tested by USA authorities. When it arrives, we have it tested by any one of two industry-leading laboratories before we add it to our products. Lastly, when our batches are completed, we select at random a predetermined % of units from different batches to be sent away for lab tests and verification.

These results are available upon request. Email with your batch number on the product and we will respond with the necessary documentation and certification.