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Alpha Courses

Learning is the starting point to Transformation

You know the Alpha range, and you know stores or online platforms who stock CBD. Why not introduce Alpha CBD to them. You can now get the necessary knowledge you need, to sell Alpha product. Instead of paying 99.00 per month, you now only pay 99.00 once off to start your own business. You now have access to all the information you need to become an external Alpha CBD Sales Consultant. You can resell the products to your friends and families and not only change their state of wellbeing, but also put some much needed moola in your bank account. 

Your soul was designed not only to learn but also transform. Without growth, stagnation persists and I am sure you know what happens when you feel stuck? Us Alphas were not put on this earth to just float, we were meant to serve others, generate change and at the same time we can create wealth for ourselves and our families.

In conjunction with The Breakthrough Institute, we will be launching transformational courses every month to empower you to upskill yourself, grow your knowledge and ensure that you have the ability to transform your mindset.

Take control of your own life instead of just living in default.

CBD101 - Back to Basics of CBD and Alpha CBD

CBD101 - Back to Basics of CBD and Alpha CBD

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