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Part 1 of 2: CBD and Period Pains: Advice from one guy to the next, and full admiration for you ladies.

I am taking a massive risk writing about this. Haven't read to many blogs or posts regarding this so if you don't hear from me in the next 2 weeks, Geraldine did it...  

For us normal men, the chemical and hormonal imbalance during this period (Pardon the pun) means headache, tears, frustration and sometimes all of the above together, and I am just talking about us men, we have no clue yet what exactly it does for our female companions. I decided to do what all wise men do, I Google'd "what is the female period”; these are the facts that come up:  "Every month or so, the uterus lining gets thicker to prepare for a fertilized egg if the woman becomes pregnant. If the egg doesn't get fertilized, that lining is released from the body as blood through the "Vijayjay". This monthly process is called menstruation or a period." So even after reading that, I still have no clue and what the wonderful web does not tell us, is that each women's reactions differ. There is no handbook, no manual nor is there any man from the old guard that can help. We are on new and undiscovered territory with every experience.

So I am here to share my experience:

Please understand that I am not a scientists nor a doctor who does countless tests, I am on the ground, on the front lines, Ground Zero as you may call it. I have about 20 years of relationship experiences that give me a good point of reference, but still no clue. If I share my experience and 1 man benefits from what I have written then I have achieved what I needed to. 

When this illustrious red dragon comes to visit, brace yourself. I have seen 2 sides to this coin in my last 4 years of being married to my amazingly beautiful soulmate. I Love You Honey......... That should prolong my life by another 21 to 35 days. 

So there are 2 types of women that I have personally encountered during "that time of the month": The sad, bloated, confused and little less chirpy woman who doesn't know whether she is coming or going. All teary eyed for 2 to 4 days. There is only one remedy for this lady, listen to what she says between the lines. "My tummy is sore", "I am bloated but I would really like some chocolate" and the most feared question of all "These pants make me look fat, they do don't they?" All she wants to be is pampered and cared for. What I do when this lady arrives, I have Vanilla CBD Oil and dark CBD chocolate stashed inside the cupboard right at the back on the top shelf. Run her a bubble bath with a glass of red wine (lockdown has been lifted). Lots of cuddles when you get into bed and generally a little bit more love than she normally gets. After these pampered 4 days she will feel great, no over eating on chocolates and then feeling like she has to work extra hard in gym. Of course you can't do this every month, I personally alternate the chocolate with frozen yogurt which is the healthier option to double thick chocolate ice cream. Remember from what I gather, with limited research there is no better feeling for this woman than to be loved, admired for soldiering through this difficult time of the month and to be pampered and for you to get off your ass and want to do some chores. Its only 4 days guys, man the f@#$% up and do your part.

Then my friends, comes the complete opposite of that coin. Satan's mistress. For the same 2 to 4 day stint we men look like they have just been put in a ring with Mike Tyson, and someone said to Mike that he will win a Grammy if he knocks you around for 3 rounds. I am yet to find an amicable solution for this, what I have noticed is: take her seriously during this period, but don't take offense. Do what she asks immediately but don't be submissive and take pride in what you just completed. When she says to put a load of washing in because you never do anything, you sort the colours from the whites and you put that load of washing in with pride. Not because you are scared shitless but because you want to (see it as empowerment). If you do this while the Dragon Lady is there, I can guarantee you from personal experience that the she will calm by at least 15% - 20% (Which is a lot given the circumstances) and when you start doing this out of your own without being asked, you will be rewarded in abundance, but only after. And if you don't get rewarded then you keep trying like The Alpha Man that you are, you have 21 to 35 days to start prepping yourself for the next round. Whatever you do, refrain from using the following word: "Stop being unreasonable, no I don't want to help around the house, I am tired can't you do it" If you do this, you will appear on the back of a milk carton. Rather use positive words like "WOW that's a great idea, I haven't learnt how to iron for the last 37 years of my life but there is no better time than the present.", and "WOW, you still after all these years know how to take my breath away" and when you are in doubt what to say, "yes the love of my life" is always a good answer, make sure it suites the question

To conclude, not even women understand women. No need for us to try and understand, sometimes it is better to listen.

Our best advice is to get them Alpha CBD Drops for them to ease the main over this time of the month. We have a large number of ladies buying CBD for these purposes only, and then benefiting from the rest of the wellness factors. CBD can also treat painful menstrual cramps in the following ways: Anti-inflammatory: Cannabinoids have many anti-inflammatory activities beyond reducing production of inflammatory prostaglandins

God's Speed to you all.  

In the next post I will write about what CBD can do for you during this time of the month. We have a ton of ladies who buy Alpha CBD just for this purpose. Keep an eye out for it.



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